My Stockholm Syndrome

Fika time!!!

With winter setting in I was pinning a bit for my summer in Stockholm. As a remedy I decided to invite some friends over for a fika, a Swedish coffee break which also turned into a sort of smorgasbord. For the party I made Arrak balls and rolls, the basic recipe comes from that trusty Swedish baking classic Sju Sorters Kakor, as usual there are a few of my own changes, I split the full mix from the arrak balls between balls and rolls. (Any alterations or my own variations are marked with an asterisk.)

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Arrak Balls

100g butter or margarine, softened

10omL sifted powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla sugar (or ½ tsp vanilla extract)

3 tbsps sifted cocoa (*the actual amount is omitted

in my copy of the book so I did it to taste)

Garnish: Chocolate sprinkles

Mix for the Balls and filling for rolls

Beat butter, sugar, vanilla and cocoa together until fluffy and stir in the cookie crumbs

Add arrak to taste (*be conservative though I could barely taste it when I added approximately 4 shots, I found the flavour was much stronger after refrigeration)

*If making balls and rolls split the mix in half

Form into small round balls and roll in sprinkles, refrigerate until serving


Arrak Rolls

1 batch Arrak ball mix

Garnish: 250g-300g marzipan

Green food colouring

100g dark chocolate melted (* an amount is not

given in the book, this was more than enough)

*I used this basic marzipan recipe and added green food colouring, this recipe should be more than enough for a full batch of arrak mix (I used half the marzipan for a half batch here).

Roll the marzipan into a thin sheet (*In my personal opinion the thinner the better, otherwise it is a bit overwhelming)

Roll the arrak mix into logs and cover in the marzipan.

Melt the chocolate

Dip each end of the roll into the chocolate, refrigerate until serving

The balls and rolls went down well, but were very rich for most of us one of each was more than enough, a great taste of Sweden while we discussed fika appropriate topics like the weather. The aniseed liqueur, arrak is so typical of the earthy flavours of Swedish cooking. Arrak taste the same as its middle east variant arak, but can also be substituted with sambuca, or any other liqueur with a strong aniseed flavour.

If you are interested the basic recipe is from the English version of Sju Sorters Kakor.